JAC Motors, one of the top ten Chinese a2012-02-28

JAC Motors, one of the top ten Chinese automakers, this year celebrates 10 years on the Algerian market And JAC Motors and EMIN AUTO have cooperation for 10 years in the range of light-duty truck. As a light commercial vehicle leading manufacturer in China, JAC has been No. 1 in export sales of for 11 consecutive years. Thanks to the excellence of their products, JAC was the first to obtain exemption from inspection of exports in the light truck industry!

Since entered into Algeria Market, with the efforts of EMIN AUTO, JAC light-duty truck has successfully established itself in this segment. And it has attracted amount of customers thanks to the turbocharged engines that greatly improve transport efficiency. The rear shock and steering system have provided a comfortable driving experience and at the same time it has ensured maximum safety. Several customers including Coco Cola Beverages Ltd and Danone SARL of Algeria have trust in JAC light trucks JAC and have given many large orders?

From the end of 2007, JAC has began established passenger car products lines and introduced many new models into Algeria such as J2,J3,J3Turin, J5,J6, M1,S1.

JAC Motors also focuses after-service in Algeria and each year it holds at least two public promotions campaign to bring more customers to maintain their vehicles and change the spare parts. Customers of JAC Motors, benefit from technical consultation and the best tips for regular maintenance of their vehicles. In this programmer, JAC Motors goes to meet its customers and aims to strengthen customer service in Algeria.

JAC Motors pays great attention to control and improve products quality with a continuing effort. JAC is implementing the lean manufacture system and producing reliable products. Each product in the production line undergoes rigorous testing. To ensure that the vehicles comply with the regulations, JAC Motors adopts a system of audit and evaluation from Germany. Similarly, JAC Motors employs quality consultant specialists from Japan, Korea and Germany to ensure the highest level of products quality.

Until December 2011, JAC Motors sold about 500,000 units vehicles and up by 10% compared with 2010 year-on-year. Among them, 67000 units were exported, up by 237%.And until now, JAC Motors has exported more than 15000 units all kinds of vehicles to Algeria.

JAC Motors offers passenger cars to Algerian market (A-class and C-class), SUV (5 seats and 7 seats), vans, trucks (from 10 tons), bus (23 to 60 seats) and forklifts. It is represented in Algeria by EMIN AUTO and CIMA Motors.

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